Wednesday, January 27, 2010

feeling bad...

I feel bad... I realise myself giving stress and pressure to my dear family... and myself.

Maybe I worry too much. I should learn not to over worried.

Hope I can do it... Sometimes I just forget that the way I do, will give my loves one stress and pressure.

I love my family very very much. I want them happy and I should not worry much.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Agnes starts her Primary 1 !!

4th Jan 2010

School Reopen! but Agnes got fever. She had to rest at home. She was so sad that day to find herself can't go to her new school whereas her kindy friends happily bring their new school bags to start their school. She hoped to drink a miracle medicine and get healed in one minute.

She got no more fever so bappy approved her to school the next day. YAY!

5th Jan 2010

My Agnes was very very happy + excited that early morning!

Bappy brings her to school @ 630am with brother Jayden. Sending brother Jayden to nanny's house on the way to Agnes' school.

Agnes told us she made some new friends at school. But when asked about her friends' names. She doesn't know any of her friends' names. How cute and real they are when making friends. Don't care what's your name, your races, your religions. They just want more friends. :)

She got her white shoes a bit dirty. Asking me to help her to clean her shoes this weekend. (nightmare to me. hahaa!)

6th Jan 2010

Agnes made more friends today. Played with friends during breaktime. Ran back to the classroom when bell rings.

She enjoyed school life.

She seems like not enough sleep. Maybe not yet get used to the school life.

But she is happy. That's important to us.

Yes.. Bappy and I still adjusting ourselves to new lifestyle starting this year. (Wake up early at mornings and sleep early at nights, joining the traffic jam around school compound) This is going to be a long journey till our Jayden finishes his secondary school studies... That's going to be how many many years?.. hm... roughly for 17 years? "Back to school life" for us but we happy to see them grow.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Still at work and going home soon in 15 minutes.

Wish all of you happy new year 2010!